martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

Chapter number 5 In The Cave

Tom, Becky and many of their friens from St Petersburg go to have a picnic by the Mississipi river. Once they are there they go to  visit McDougal`s Cave. Tom and Becky get lost inside the cave and the people from the town go to look for them. Finnaly the boys can leave from the cave and they return to the town.
Huck did not know anything about what happen with Tom and Becky because he was sick. To avoid any other dangerous situation the people from St Petersburg decide to put some door in the cave and that is how Injun Joe get trapped inside the cave and he died there.

Questions to think about
1. Why is there a picnic by the Mississipi river?
2.Who are in the picnic?
3. Who are not on the boat when they return from the cave?
4. What happen with Tom and Becky while they are inside the cave?
5. Why Tom doesn´t say anything to Becky about Injun Joe?
6. How can Tom and Becky get out of the cave?
7.Why does Injun Joe die inside the cave?

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